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I Sleep With Ear Plugs

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During my lifetime I’ve learned that the least draining way to address adversity is to manage it– not fuss, fight or resist. For instance, I’ve been laid off several times and so I always have a Plan B, just in case. I’ve also discovered that you have to embrace change because it’s an opportunity to leap headfirst into something new. You can never rest on your laurels because they are soon forgotten.
That’s true in any profession, including writing books. So I realize what I’m getting into and due to my experience I’m not afraid. I write because it’s fun and getting traditionally published will be another check off my bucket list. I am no stranger to hard work and perseverance is my middle name. I’m ready to get my hands dirty and pull my own weight. Oh, and I sleep with earplugs because my husband snores. Better that than fuss, fight or resist, right?


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