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Other Side of the Game

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Just wanted to share another example of great lyrics and how they tell a story with few words; not even ‘big’ words. It’s just truth. And truth is what you want to convey in your fiction. This is an excerpt from Erykah Badu’s  “Other Side of the Game.”:

“Me and Baby got this situation.

See, Brother’s got this complex occupation.

And it ain’t like he don’t have education.

‘Cause I was right there at his graduation.

Now I ain’t saying that this life don’t work.

But it’s me and baby that he hurts.

Because I tell him right he thinks I’m wrong,

But I love him strong…”


Just from reading that you can immediately figure out what this guy does for a living, what their relationship issues are, and how he treats her. Just from those 8 sentences. Love it. Try writing your scenes in sentences like this and then proceed to actually write the paragraph. You can say so much with so little. It’s a great way to practice.


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