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Cool-Phrase Envy


Ok, I admit it. I am a victim of envy. Cool-phrase envy to be exact. You know it. Your eyes are taking their leisurely stroll down Sentence Street, not really paying attention, then BAM! You’re smack up against a cool phrase. After regaining their composure, your eyes run back over it ’cause it was way too cool to read just once. What’s crazy is most times it’s so simple…and that makes it killer. One of those ‘you-would-have-said-if-you-could-have said’ phrases, but likely not as well as they said it.

Alas, I’m gonna get over this personal problem and get my envy under control. I’m already enrolled in a 3-step program that helps writer’s like me. It recommends I take these actions:

1. Love your envy – Give accolades to the writer (then take notes if they offer tips).

2. Replace your envy – Spend 15 minutes a day rewriting a cool phrase to describe it another way.

3. Share your envy – Your critique group would benefit from finding a new way to say something.

It may take some effort, but with the proper application I should recover in time to apply what I’ve learned to my next book.

Hmmm…maybe then I can cause some cool-phrase envy of my own.


3 thoughts on “Cool-Phrase Envy

  1. This phrase was pretty cool: “Your eyes are taking their leisurely stroll down Sentence Street” 🙂

  2. Ah, Azevedo. I ‘m a work in progress. 🙂

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