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What Skin Are You In?

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I recall reading some FB posts where an author was engaging in conversation about his latest book, when someone began to trash it. Did the author see this as his queue to exit the SM world while this person simmered down? Or did he decide to ignore the poster? Maybe he politely yielded to the fact that everyone has an opinion and continued conversing with others? None of the above. He gave the instigator just want he wanted: a public argument! 

Bad move.

Whether it’s a reader, a critic or even an agent, arguing is a definite no-no. There is no need to defend your book to others. No one ever forced a reader to purchase a book. They can like it or not, and if not, they won’t buy it. End of story. 

That author could have acted upon any of the above suggestions, but he allowed his pride to rule. We all understand how personal our books are to us, but being defensive is not cute, especially when you are doing it within earshot (or typing distance) of other readers.

Let it go, as my husband always says. Take a deep breath, do the woo-sah, or whatever it takes to keep your emotions in check, then decide how to react…if you even react at all.

If you are lovin’ the skin you’re in, you won’t be thin-skinned when it comes to critics because trust me, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! 🙂


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