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Embrace Your Rejector

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I must admit I have some nerve writing a post on rejection therapy. After all, I have not taken the plunge of sending out a ton of query letters only to read the word ‘no’ one after the other. But I have experienced rejection in other areas of my life and what I have learned is my reaction to it depends on how I view it. First thing I always say to people who have been rejected or criticized is consider the source. Is the person saying something that is true about you (or your work)? If so, embrace it and incorporate the criticism as advice. On the other hand, is the person unqualified to give you criticism, meaning do they have some ulterior motive…maybe they just don’t like you, or they are jealous. Statements coming from such ones is not advice so much as it is an attack on your character in order to elevate themselves in some demented way.

So, in the case of writing critics, such as an agent you are querying, consider the source. They have no reason to belittle you…they don’t even know you. That in it self is a good thing because their comments are honestly based on the work itself. In most cases they have never met you personally so it would be virtually impossible for them to know your weaknesses, quirks or idiosyncrasies in order to use those things against you.

That said take the criticism for what it truly is: advice, and use it to improve your writing. When you send it out to another stranger, they may say ‘yes.’


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