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Get Your Book on TV!

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No I am not offering to put you on the air, but you can get your book on TV if you have the right material and you know the right people. For example. My first book, Desperate Dating, was a self-help book. Self-help books sell millions each year, so that was the first plus. Second, I am a former TV reporter and have connections, so naturally I was able to contact some people to help me get the word out. What does this have to do with you? If your book is non-fiction you will have a much better chance of getting air time with radio and TV stations, especially if your subject is topical. This not only includes current events but also holidays and other special occasions. For instance, I used Valentine’s Day as the hook to get on a local station with my dating book. In addition, the subject of dating is always popular and that got me on The Tom Joyner Morning Show.

But even if your book is fiction, if are able to tie it in with an event or celebration you have a much better chance of getting the media’s attention. You can hit them up on FB and Twitter (but don’t be too pushy and be sure to show what’s in it for them).

Many agents are looking for journalists who are writing memoirs or books based on the areas on which they report. Others are seeking personal stories from those who have famous relatives or have brushes with fame. I would not be surprised to see someone get a book deal out of the Boston bombings, or the kidnapped women in Cleveland.

These may sound like extremes (and they are), but you may have a story to tell that is just as compelling and again, as long as it can be successfully tied to something people are already doing (holidays, national events) you have a shot.

Not able to tie your book to any of the above? Try contacting your local radio station and ask if they have a public affairs show they broadcast when the afternoon drive time ends. These shows are often looking for subjects to interview. Regarding TV, public access often televises local programs; they may be in the market for local writers to interview.

And lastly, if your best friend’s father’s neighbor works for a media outlet, see if he can cut you a break. It never hurts to ask.


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