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By Any Means Necessary?

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Recently I read a FB post from an author friend of mine. I was shocked to see he was promoting another book — he just released the last of a popular series only a month ago. Aside from my awe in how fast he was rolling these puppies out, I was also concerned because this new book is highly controversial. I didn’t even have to read the elevator pitch because the cover told the whole story. He is writing about a celebrated media case that took place in the city where he now lives. This case is a sore subject to many, particularly those to whom it most closely effected. It is this group my friend has chosen to expose.

Granted, I have not spoken to him yet about this new direction —  he has never written about real people; at least not any who could be readily identifiable — and I fear he may have gotten in over his head. As I read the post, the disclaimer that includes  ‘purely coincidental’  and ‘living or dead’ immediately came to mind. I sure hope he took advantage of it on the copyright page.

So here is my opinion regarding this new book:  Since he has a large following with a penchant for the titillating  he is sure to sell lots of copies, and due to the subject matter, he could be banking on this book being the capitulation that finally gets him the promotional time on national radio and TV he has long been seeking.

The point of this rant is novelists do not have as many avenues to promote their books in the media as do non-fiction writers so if this is a ploy, then by golly he has more gumption than I’ve given him credit for these past 15 years.

Interestingly enough, he has chosen to only release this as an ebook and he is not publishing it under his ‘house’ — the publisher with which all his other works reside. So we will see how this goes over. Who knows, he may be on to something here. When it is finally released I have no doubt it will be as over the top as the publicity it is guaranteed to receive.


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