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How to Be a Well-Rounded Writer


I can’t believe I am even writing this morning. I am SO SLEEPY after sitting up to watch back-to-back NBA games. You should know that I am a HUGE basketball fan, but until recently, have not had much time to view them. Writing — not to mention, work — can take up a lot of your free time, and on that note, I would like to encourage you to be cautious.

Let me explain.

As writers we are naturally passionate people. We love words. We love creative thoughts and we especially love it when the two come together to form a book idea and ultimately the finished product. But in order for us to be good writers we also need to be well-rounded. If you are so consumed with your craft that all you do is talk to writers, tweet with agents, follow the industry and push your book, where is the time for things like…well…fun?

In order for our creative juices to flow they need to be infused with diversity; only then can we convey life in its truest sense. Spending time in other worlds (or nother worlds) can take us away from all the treasures day to day life can yield.

So since I am in need of coffee right now, let me just end this by saying get out and do something other than anything related to writing. You’ll be refreshed and inevitably return to your work with a new perspective, one that will complement your manuscript and delight your audience.


2 thoughts on “How to Be a Well-Rounded Writer

  1. And experience is the best sauce for a writer. My stories have improved considerable due to experience. Not only am I a writer, but I’m an adult hobbyist ballet dancer, painter, photographer, and I have bipolar disorder (and I’m not advocating writers should pursue a mental illness), and the ups and downs with this illness have fueled my experiences, and I have let it because why not try to use it for something good now that I’m stuck with it?

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